Have designed a Gurkha khukri design that will replace the logo on the hub caps.

BHPian Manuuj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The salesperson I am in touch with at Mandi had the Alloy wheels and tyres fitted today. He sent me a bunch of pics and ever since then all I can do is stare at them.

I had thought earlier that I will only debut the look on my Ownership Review of Asterix, but it would be downright mean not to share at least a snippet with my fellow Bhpians!

Here is the first look of Asterix with his new shoes on.

The hub caps are missing in the pic as I haven’t sent them yet. I’ve modified the hubcaps by removing the ‘PLATI’ logo and putting a Gurkha Khukri that we designed on the computer.

I feel it goes with the Gurkha better than this Plati Logo.

New Khukri Design

Here’s what BHPian karthikd21 had to say on the matter:

Amazing! I have HT tyres now and thinking about upgrading soon to MT. I am contemplating buying Radar versus Maxis. Kindly post your reviews of the tyres on the highway and Off-road conditions when you get a chance. I am looking forward to hearing on NVH with MT tyres on the highway and grip the Radar tyres offer in offroad conditions.

Here’s what BHPian rakesh_r had to say on the matter:

Wow, Asterix looks butch with those tyres and alloys. I believe the ride height would have increased now?

Can’t wait for your ownership thread to come out.

Here’s what BHPian procrj had to say on the matter:

Now all you need to do is head to the hills and post a get a few shots of Asterix soaking in some snow. Wishing you many many miles of off-road adventures in your new Gurkha.

I sorely miss driving a tall car (owned a TUV till March 2021) that can tackle bad roads/no roads without any hiccups and I think it’s natural that my mind is drawn to the Gurkha. I have been silently drooling over the 2021 Gurkha for some time now and with the slowly increasing volume of owners here, I am beginning to lean towards owning a pre-owned Gurkha to take on off-road explorations. A friend of mine picked up this pre-owned Gurkha Xplorer earlier this year and his inputs and experiences are only fueling the desire to own a proper go-anywhere car.

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