The V12-powered thoroughbred is almost upon us. Prepare yourself

By PH Staff / Tuesday, 6 September 2022 / Loading comments

The last time we talked about the Ferrari’s SUV, the discussion was prompted by a surprisingly revealing head-on preview pic. In fact, the image was possibly a little more revealing than the manufacturer intended it to be – or at least it was after the entire internet (PH included) turned up the brightness. Which accounts for the follow-up teaser released on Twitter: the reveal date only visible if you break out the Photoshop toolkit. Or squint. 

Either way, the covers are evidently set to come off on September 13th, unveiling not only the Purosangue, but also an entirely new era for its maker. From what we’ve seen so far, Ferrari’s first SUV goes to considerable lengths to conceal its underlying SUVness – a Bentley Bentayga, clearly, it is not – but it will undeniably be a reasonably spacious four-seater with a (comparatively) large boot and considerably more ground clearance than any Ferrari before it. Factor in four-wheel drive and widely predicted height-adjustable air suspension, and it’s readily apparent that the Prancing Horse is not in Kansas anymore. 

Thankfully, though, it has not dubbed the new model ‘thoroughbred’ merely to be provocative. While its bespoke front-engine platform is capable of hosting a number of different engines – hybrid included – Ferrari’s CEO Benedetto Vigna has already confirmed that the Purosangue will launch with a V12. We don’t know for sure whether that ‘iconic’ engine is the same 6.5-litre monster that makes the 812 Superfast one of the most exciting cars in the world – but it would make a lot of sense if it were. 

Much as it does in any other segment, Ferrari’s intention – reiterated by its boss – is to, “meet and exceed all the demands of performance, innovation and design that you would expect from us”. Well, one thing the Purosangue has not so far lacked is expectation. Demand is almost certain to outstrip supply, and if this isn’t the fastest and most powerful SUV yet made, it will be a surprise. On that and much else, we remain in the dark. Next Tuesday, finally, Ferrari will bring the light.

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