GB News: Colin Brazier slams the use of E-scooters

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Nick Kitchen, Personal Lined Underwriting Director at MORETHAN said e-scooters needed a “clear regulatory framework”. This would allow firms to offer “insurance solutions” to the new technology which soared in popularity.

He said: “E-scooters certainly have their benefits, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around for shorter journeys, while easing congestion on the road.

“However, it’s crucial that they’re used safely and within the law to avoid putting riders and other road users at risk.

“The government is currently considering the future of e-scooters, and we believe there is a need for a clear regulatory framework to ensure they are used safely.

“In particular, they should not be permitted to use the pavement, and helmets should be mandatory.

“The insurance industry stands ready to work alongside the Government to understand what the regulatory framework around e-scooters will be so that we can consider building insurance solutions that meet the needs of owners and riders in the future.”

The comments suggest private e-scooter riders will soon be offered a range of policies to ensure they are covered on the road.

Alternatively, it may also suggest car insurance policies could soon feature special clauses around what happens if drivers hit e-scooters.

Under current rules, e-scooters are only supposed to be used in official trials with each rider requiring insurance to use the tools.

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GOV.UK says this will usually be provided by your rental operator and will not need to be arranged by the rider.

However, it is unlikely those riding private e-scooters around local towns and cities have any policies in place.

E-scooters are classified as motorised vehicles in a similar fashion electric bikes, quad bikes and segways.

Cambridgeshire Police has previously stated the normal legal requirements will be necessary to use e-scooters on the road.

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