A man claims his car was deliberately scratched by a “schoolboy” as “years of issues” continue on his street.

Andrew Beal says he and other residents have been left “sick and tired” after suffering for some time from issues he claims are connected with the local school.

The problems on Heath Road in Bebington, Merseyside, which include parking and traffic congestion, are said to be most prominent in the afternoons when parents come to collect their children from Wirral Grammar School for Boys.

Andrew said the road is incredibly busy, which has led to accidents, while cars are often parked across his driveway.

On February 15, Andrew’s CCTV caught a schoolboy appearing to touch his car in what he believes was an attempt to damage it.

Andrew claims his car is now scratched, and he is at his “wit’s end” after years of issues.

He told The Liverpool Echo: “The previous issues caused me to get the CCTV set up.

“On the CCTV, I saw on Wednesday, a group of boys from the school walked past my car.

“It looked like one of the boys tried to scratch the car. There is a scratch to the car. I can’t prove it was him, but there is a scratch.”

This latest issue follows one in December, when Andrew said a parent collecting their child from the school threatened him and his son.

He said incidents such as these led him to installing CCTV cameras.

Andrew added: “It’s been going on for years. In December, I came home from collecting my son from his school and there was a car parked across my driveway.

“I tooted my horn at him and he moved on but then he threatened me and my seven-year-old son with physical violence and verbal abuse. He put his finger up and shouted ‘f*** you’.

Andrew reported this incident to Merseyside Police, but said it was not the first time he has been verbally abused for asking drivers to move.

Andrew said he has raised the issues with the school many times but nothing has yet been done to improve matters.

Emails seen by the Echo show Andrew complaining to the school about parents and pupils parking across his driveway.

In a reply to Andrew, the school’s headteacher said she would “continue to reiterate this message (parking across driveways) with both the pupils and parents”

However, Andrew is not confident matters will improve.

He said: “I’m at my wit’s end. It keeps going on. The issues have been raised with the school but the neighbours are sick and tired of it. We shouldn’t have to put up with this or the abuse.

“It’s frustrating the entire road, other people have complained. People are so angered, there’s been years of issues.”

Express Online has contacted Wirral Grammar School for Boys for comment.

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