With no successful decryptions to date, there’s a new hint to the special edition Rolls-Royce Wraith Kyrptos elaborate cryptic message

A few months ago, Rolls-Royce launched a special edition version of the Wraith, called the Kryptos Edition. The car features a series of coded messages, etched into its bodywork and interior, which the company hoped its customers could solve – but none of the car’s 50 buyers have yet successfully cracked the riddle.

To help its clients along, Rolls-Royce has revealed the answer to the code scribed onto the Wraith’s unique Spirit of Ecstasy emblem. It conceals the word “Kryptos” in coded cipher – and Rolls-Royce hopes that, by revealing these seven letters, it will help buyers unravel the rest of the Wraith’s secrets.

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Along with this uniquely engraved bonnet mascot, the Wraith Kryptos Edition’s exterior features a tweaked front bumper and a unique paint scheme with an enigmatic metallic finish and a coded coachline.

The interior is much the same story. The car’s treadplates feature a unique coded design, as does the upholstery, fascia finish and door pockets. The headlining is also decorated in a special two-tone data-stream-style pattern, while the embroidery on both the headrests and transmission tunnel supposedly bear aspects of the coded message.

From what we can glean from the British brand’s meandering press material, the buyer who solves the cryptographic conundrum will be granted some form of reward. Currently, only two people in the world know the answer to the car’s code – Rolls Royce Bespoke designer Katrin Lehmann and company’s CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös.

Apparently, the answer has been placed in a sealed envelope and locked in the CEO’s office at the brand’s headquarters in Goodwood, West Sussex. Buyers can submit their attempts to crack the code to Rolls-Royce via a dedicated smartphone app.

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