Nardone Automotive wants to reimagine the V8 Porsche – it's looking very, very good so far

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 9 June 2022 / Loading comments

It’s a surprise this hasn’t happened sooner, really. The backdated Porsche scene has been around for years now, with 911s made to look older and go faster by enterprising firms across the globe. The 928, if not having quite such a long production run as air-cooled 911s or the same fanatical following, was on sale for 17 years and picked up many admirers along the way. With production having wound up more than 25 years ago, the old V8 GT was prime for some restomodification. Just a shame, really, they aren’t as cheap as when people started fiddling with 964s… 

Anyway, French start-up Nardone Automotive has taken the challenge on. Founder Thierry Nardone is apparently rather fond of the 928 – “serenely obsessed”, no less, according to the press release – and keen to bring the 70s’ showstopper up to date. To that end he has employed BorromedodeSilva to help design this new look, the same company that did the Amos Delta Integrale.

In the finest restomod tradition the updated 928 is lower, wider and meaner than standard, bulked up with predominantly composite body extensions. The lights front and rear are all new, too, with the 18-inch wheels designed to evoke the old ‘manhole’ 16s seen on an original.  

And if you thought the outside was dramatic, take a look at the inside. There’s a whole new look for the cabin, sort of how the late 70s imagined 2022 would look, with new digital displays and switches. Porsche Classic Communication Management will be incorporated into the Nardone 928, as will Foglizzo leather and swathes of Alcantara. Bet they’ll do some new pasha trim, too, if a customer really wants it.  

Much is promised under the skin, as well – albeit targets for the moment rather than concrete details. Nardone is aiming for 400hp from the V8 engine, though clearly that’s a rather different challenge if starting with an early 240hp 4.5 than a last-of-the-line, 5.4-litre GTS with 340hp. Given this car has the rear light bar look, which we think came with the 5.0-litre, 320hp S4 from 1987, we’ll assume that’s the starting point. Additional upgrades will include the introduction of a six-speed manual and limited-slip diff, plus electric power steering, active suspension and Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tyres. 

It all sounds very promising, though it would be a tough ask to make such a thing as an undesirable Porsche 928. Nardone Automotive is previewing the car at Milan Design Week right now, ahead of being seen at Goodwood in a couple of weeks’ time. First deliveries are due in 2024, all being well – time to seek out a donor car, then…

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