PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM) will be adding more Audi e-tron models to its line-up after bringing in the Q8 e-tron and e-tron GT, according to company managing director Erik Winter. In a Q&A session at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore where the Audi House of Progress showcase is being held, Winter revealed that the Q6 e-tron is also a model planned for Malaysia.

Of course, it will be some time before the all-electric SUV lands on our shores because it has yet to make its global debut. In fact, earlier this month, Audi teased the model dressed in camouflage as it underwent final testing in wintery conditions.

The Q6 e-tron will be the first to be built on the company’s new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform, which is an evolution of the J1 used for the e-tron GT. Featuring an 800-volt electrical architecture, the SUV will be capable of blazing fast charging speeds, but no details are mentioned for now.

The PPE will also be used for the upcoming Porsche Macan EV and is compatible with single (RWD) or dual (AWD) electric motors. Early details of the Porsche indicate a battery capacity of 100 kWh, DC fast charging beyond 270 kW and a total system output of up to 612 PS (603 hp or 450 kW) and 1,000 Nm of torque.

Much like its siblings – Q8 e-tron and Q4 e-tron – the Q6 e-tron will be offered in standard (pictured here) and Sportback body styles, the latter with a more coupe-like roofline for customers who want something a little more dynamic to look at. Reports suggest a reveal for the Q6 e-tron will take place in the second half of this year, so don’t expect it to arrive in Malaysia until 2024.

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