Martin Lewis gives money-saving advice on VED car tax

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New analysis from KwikFit shows an extra quarter of a million drivers have taken their cars off the road since the start of the pandemic. This means the total number of cars now registered as off the road stands at over 3.2million, compared to 2.9million back in 2019.

However, Roger Griggs, communications director at KwikFit said they anticipate “many” of these cars have now been brought back on the road.

They warn drivers should check whether their car is still registered as off the road and update their details as soon as possible.

He said: “It was clearly a sensible move for many owners to save money on tax and insurance during the pandemic by taking their cars off road and registering a SORN.

“However, we anticipate that many of those SORN registered cars have now been brought back onto the road as the country has opened up and traffic volumes have returned to normal levels.

“We know that there are still many cars which should have had an MOT which have not been tested so we remind any driver who registered a SORN for any length of time to check the status of their MOT.

“It is legal to drive car with a SORN on a public road if you are going to a pre-booked MOT test appointment, so it is possible for owners to get a valid MOT certificate before removing the SORN.”

KwikFit said drivers must have their vehicle tax or insured if they do not have a SORN.

Cancelling these and not declaring a car as off the road will result in drivers being issued £80 even if they do not use their vehicle.

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Drivers who get in and drive their car without road tax or a valid insurance policy are also likely to face fines of up to £1,000.

The national average saw a nine percent increase in SORN requests last year.

However some areas have seen a massively higher number of drivers opting to take their vehicles off the road,

In Guildford, the number of extra cars being taken off the road rose by 27.5 percent with almost 9,000 extra road users affected.

Watford saw a 12.5 percent increase with an extra 1,395 cars affected over the past year while Worcester recorded a 12 percent rise.

Areas with the lowest increase include East Central London, Doncaster and Torquay.

Drivers who have declared their car as off the road will only be able to drive their vehicle under certain conditions.

As the experts suggested, the vehicle will only be allowed to travel to and from a pre-booked MPT test or other testing appointment.

GOV.UK warns drivers could face a £2,500 if they decide to use their vehicle for any other reason while a SORN is in place.

Drivrs can apply for a SORN online using their vehicles 11 digit vehicle identification number. 

Road users can choose whether the SORN will start immediately or from the first day of the following month. 

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