The fuel economy of the Triumph seemed to be 1-2 km/l better than the Kawasaki Versys at similar speeds.

BHPian CrAzY dRiVeR recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Bangalore – Trivandrum – Bangalore. ~1570 km

Happy Dussehra / Vijayadashami! This ride, however, happened in the first week of July. Penning it down now thanks to the extended holidays.

I had planned to ride to Trivandrum once I got the bike, so I could share the happiness with my parents as well. Last time around with the Versys – I did the crazy approach of riding 1600+ kms on the same day, spending lunchtime with them. This time, however, I took it easy and spent a week at Trivandrum

The Tiger Sport lived up to the expectations – the seat may not be as comfortable as the Versys, but over the long run the bike proved to be even more fun and inviting. Another great advantage over the Versys was the panniers, which were so much more convenient than the saddlebags I had. Are panniers worth the price over saddlebags? Not sure, but thankfully the previous owner paid for it – not me.

(OT: I would need a tail bag next, one that I can use on both the Tiger as well as the Aerox. Suggestions welcome please.)

Would I be able to do a 1600km day as with the Versys? Not sure – but an 800+ day sure was easy enough.

This was also the first time I used panniers. Hence prepared them the previous night and made sure nothing was moving.

Part – 1: Krishnagiri breakfast meet up

There was no breakfast ride planned that day and most of us were in different locations – hence decided to just meet up at Krishnagiri for breakfast. deepfreak15 was the first to arrive (from Salem no less!) with his brand (then) new RC390, followed by ebmrajesh on his KTM Adventure 390 and shaikhmimran on his Suzuki V-Strom 650.

Post breakfast, the other three headed back north to Bangalore whereas I carried on further south.

Excellent efficiency after reaching Krishnagiri- thanks to all the downhill action.

Few clicks while waiting for the others to arrive.

deepfreak15 was the first to arrive with his brand-new RC390

Few pictures of the two bikes, while waiting for the others to join –

Soon the others joined. A quick photoshoot before breakfast:

Part – 2: Onward leg to Trivandrum

I continued riding to Trivandrum, while the others returned to Bangalore.

Small break at CCD, Kovilpetti to escape from the scorching heat:

Even with the panniers mounted – the Tiger Sport looks very petite and proportionate IMHO. It sure does catch attention, but does not look intimidating.

Home sweet home by around 5pm in the evening:

Good FE of 22.6 for the onward journey

Random pictures of the bike from the next few days of stay at Trivandrum:

Was cleaning the chain for the return journey when heavy rain started. Had to abandon the bike and run inside and let the rain do a proper testing of the panniers. Thankfully, found just two drops inside and even that I was not sure if it fell when I opened it.

One last garage click before the return run to Bangalore:

Part – 3: Return leg back to Bangalore

Started by 5am as usual to avoid traffic inside Kerala. Was able to cross into TN before sunrise itself:

Breakfast at my usual stop, Hotel Udupi International, Nagercoil:

More clicks from around Nagercoil:

Lunch was at Salem. I had recently developed a liking for this place – Salem RR Biryani (part of the Saravana Bhavan group).

Reason for it – cool Jigirthanda. Not only is it tasty and sweet, but it also helps cool down the body for a bit longer as well.

775 kms for the return leg:

Good efficiency of 22.2 kmpl for the return. Overall, the Tiger Sport seems to be 1-2 kmpl more efficient than the Versys for similar speeds.

Later on by the end of July – I did another Trivandrum to Bangalore ride, this time on the Aerox 155 scooter. That log is here.

But before that, I also did a beautiful weekend ride to Chikmagalur with the group by mid-July. That log should be coming up next in the old timeline.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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